Our mission

We built our company to develop and enable cutting-edge biosensing products that could not exist but for our work, and that will have a major impact for people's health.

As a technology supplier and service provider, we focus on delivering the most reliable, scalable, robust and reproducible functionalization methods for biochips and nanoparticles, helping our customers get the most out of their Surface Plasmon Resonance and Lateral Flow Assay projects. We are also involved in the development of innovative products in the field of rapid diagnostic test, immunogenicity test and quality control of biotherapies, with the ambition to trigger a paradigm shift by leveraging our unique technology. 

Our story

Kimialys is the result of 10 years of academic research on surface chemistry for biosensing, identified as the Achilles Heel of biosensors because of its major role in the specificity and sensitivity of the biodetection. Pioneered by the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology (ENS Paris-Saclay/CNRS), our technology was further improved at the SATT Paris-Saclay. 

Kimialys holds numerous national competition awards, and is a proud member of the Agoranov incubator and WILCO accelerator (Paris). 


Signature of an exclusive technology licence agreement with the SATT Paris-Saclay



Creation of Kimialys

Maturation at the SATT Paris-Saclay (Technology Transfer Office)



Academic research at the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology  (ENS Paris-Saclay / CNRS)