Our team


Cyril Gilbert

Director General

Cyril Gilbert spent the past 3 years as a tech investor at Jolt Capital, leading more than 500 interviews with management teams, taking part in 5 transactions amounting to nearly 60m€ invested in European deep tech companies (NIL Technology, 4Jet Group, Vectaury, Efficient IP, Sinequa). Cyril holds a double degree in engineering (Institut d'Optique) and management  (HEC Paris).


Dr. Claude Nogues has been working on the development of Kimialys' patented technology for the past 10 years, as a CNRS researcher at the ENS Paris-Saclay. She is expert in physical-chemistry, biophysics as well as surface and colloid chemistry. Claude is the author of 35+ peer-reviewed scientific papers, and she held several post-doctoral positions at the Weizmann Institute

Dr Claude Nogues

Scientific Director


Dr Stéphanie Vial

Senior Researcher

Dr. Stéphanie Vial has been involved in the development of Kimialys' innovation as of 2017. She is expert in the synthesis and bio-conjugation of nanoparticles, specifically for diagnostic and drug delivery applications. Stéphanie is the author of 18 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and held a post-doctoral position at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


Dr Anastasiia Halushkina


Dr Anastasiia Halushkina has  been investigating biomolecular interactions and participating in development of biosensors for over seven years. Passionate about new technologies and cross-disciplinary R&D projects, she is an expert in on-chip coupling of surface plasmon resonance to mass spectrometry.

Dr. Aleksandra Delplanque has been working on Kimialys' innovation for biosensing application since 2017, as a specialist in surface plasmon resonance technology. Author of 6 peer-reviewed scientific papers, Aleksandra completed her degree in Poland, Scotland and France, with a postdoctoral position at University of Toulouse where she worked on food allergy diagnosis

Dr Aleksandra Delplanque

Senior Engineer


Dr Elise Gayet holds a PhD from the Langevin Institute (Paris, 2021), where she worked on assembling gold nanoparticles with complex structures of DNA, called DNA origami. She brings her expertise in plasmon coupling, optimization of gold nanoparticle surface chemistry and DNA nanotechnology.

Dr Elise Gayet



Xavier Telot has been involved in the development of several biotechnology companies over the past few years. Graduated from ESTBA (Paris) in 2014, Xavier accumulated since then experience in biophysics, cellular culture, protein production and purification


Xavier Télot



Dr Vincent Pellas holds a PhD from Sorbonne University, driving his daily force from the development of innovative solutions for a sustainable world. He is an expert in the design and implementation of plasmonic nanoparticles with controlled physico-chemical properties applied to the detection of biomarkers in complex environments.

Dr Vincent Pellas