Limitless biomolecule screening & characterization

We partner with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, offering advanced analysis services for their biophysical studies. With a blend of deep expertise in Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and our K-One® technological edge, our capabilities are limitless as we can immobilize any ligand, analyze any complex sample, and provide chip coating services for any gold-based sensors, all while maintaining a high level of reliability.

Scheduling a 30-minute call with our scientific team is the best way to assess how Kimialys can help.

Kimialys SPR engineer manipulating a pipette and dropping drops containing ligands onto the biochip.
Gear pictogram representing our service models

We offer two distinct service models designed to align with our clients' needs, whether you want to delegate the analyses (model 1), or run them at your own premises (model 2).

Model 1: full in-house analytical services
  • Pre-functionalization of SPR sensor chips using K-One® surface chemistry, specifically customized to your applications

  • Optimal ligand immobilization following Kimialys' proprietary protocol

  • In-house biomolecular interaction analysis with our own SPRi/SPR platforms

  • Reliable access to binding and kinetics data, complemented by high-quality reports and presentations, offering actionable insights

Binding interactions screening and epitope binning

We harness both our expertise in SPRi and proprietary K-One® technology on chip to swiftly identify and rank both desired and undesired binding interactions among numerous candidates. This ensures our customers receive consistent and reliable results, accelerating their pursuit of new therapeutics.

We can immobilize any ligands:

  • Antibodies

  • Nanobodies

  • Small molecules

  • Proteins


  • Whole cells

  • Peptides

  • Aptamers

  • And more...

Our results are consistent and reliable for any complex biological matrices:

  • Plasma

  • Serum

  • Blood

  • Stem cell supernatant

  • Hybridoma supernatant

  • And more...

Kinetics characterization

Reliable measurement of kinetic constants is pivotal for the development of new therapeutics. Leveraging our proprietary K-One® technology, we stand out in the SPR landscape by delivering precise characterization analysis for all biologics and compounds.

Kinetics measured:

  • Affinity (KD)

  • Binding rate constants (kon, koff)

  • Avidity

Model 2: supply of pre-functionalized K-One® powered gold sensor chips
  • Pre-functionalization of sensor chips using K-One® surface chemistry, specifically customized to your applications and analytical platforms

  • Supply of batches of pre-functionalized sensor chips + ligand immobilization protocol and reagent

Our pre-functionalization technology is compatible with all gold-based sensors.

For companies looking to manage their own analyses, yet eager to leverage our expertise in chip functionalization and our proficiency in tackling complex analytical challenges.

We provide custom pre-functionalized sensor chips, specifically designed for your ligands, analytical platform, and applications, ensuring that your analyses run smoothly and effectively.

Gold-based sensor types:

  • For common SPR and SPRi platforms: Biacore, Horiba...

  • Other SPR-based biosensors: LSPR, Fiber Optic SPR, LR-SPR...

  • For chip-based diagnostic applications: electrochemical biosensors, QCM...

K-One® technology licensing

Our K-One® surface chemistry technology is available for licensing, offering the opportunity to integrate it within your own production environment and standards.

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Why should I work with Kimialys?
infinite pictogram symbolizing limitless

Limitless and robust

Capability to immobilize any ligand and handle any complex matrix. Ligands remain firmly attached through repeated analysis cycles.

Medal pictogram to symbolize performance

Sensitive and reliable

Our K-One® chip coating generates up to a 10x increase in plasmon resonance intensity compared to conventional solutions.

Stars pictogram to symbolize improvement

Significant improvement of SNR

We have the unique ability to work with complex matrix (plasma, supernatants...), minimizing drastically background noise.

K-One technology pictogram

World's most innovative surface chemistry

K-One® surface chemistry allows precise control of the surface interactions, ensuring more than 90% of functional ligands.

Reports pictogram

In-depth reports and insights

Benefit from trusted insights into binding kinetics, supported by superior reports and presentations, leading to actionable outcomes.

Surface Plasmon Resonance sensorgram pictogram

Unique dual platform

by using SPR and SPRi, we can tackle any challenging project and leverage the benefits of both platforms.

Their biomolecules are in the right hands:

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