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We develop, manufacture, and provide advanced gold bioconjugates, and offer SPR/SPRi services for diagnostic and drug development applications, leveraging our patented K-One® surface chemistry and unique know-how in nanoparticle bioconjugation and chip functionalization.

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Products & services

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In-vitro diagnostics
High-sensitivity tailored gold bioconjugates

For developers of rapid and point-of-care tests (Lateral Flow Assays) and other nanoparticle-based assays such as ultrasensitive biomarker assays (immuno-PCR) and more.

As Kimialys, we consciously chose not to offer off-the-shelf bioconjugates because each project is unique. Instead, we developed a tailored screening and bioconjugation methodology adjusted for each of your biomolecules and assays: FirstTimeRight (FTR) approach.

Therefore, we deliver bioconjugates with 90% of the ligands being functional that excel in sensitivity, specificity, selectivity, and reproducibility, without compromising one parameter for another. This ensures the detection of very low concentrations of analytes, while also drastically reducing the number of false positives even for the most challenging samples.

  • Up to 10x better LoD compared to standard methods

  • Clear strips with no background

  • Optimal reproducibility for complex samples (blood, plasma, cell extract, saliva, urine, milk...)

  • 5x faster screening with multiplexed SPRi platform

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Drug discovery & development
Limitless biomolecule screening & characterization

For biotechs and pharmaceutical companies engaged in early-stage (biologics selection, lead characterization...) and late-stage development (assessment of biosimilarity, quality control & batch testing...).

Leveraging our patented K-One® surface chemistry, our capabilities in chip functionalization and customization are limitless: any ligands, any sample and any gold-based sensors. We guarantee over 90% functional ligands on the biochip, compared to less than 20% with conventional functionalization methods; with remarkable robustness, the ligands remain firmly attached to the biochip through repeated analysis cycles.

We offer two distinct service models designed to align with your needs, whether you want to delegate the analyses or run them at your own premises.

  • Limitless and reliable: any ligands, any sample, any gold-based sensors

  • Robust: ligands remain firmly attached through repeated analysis cycles

  • Up to 10x higher signal intensity compared to standard methods

  • Significant improvement of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)

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Custom biosensor and assay development consultancy

This service is specifically designed for companies developing a biosensor or assay and seeking guidance throughout the entire project.

Based on your specific needs, we assist you in identifying the right platform, biologics, supplier, and manufacturing partner to ensure the most relevant choices for your project development.

  • 40+ years cumulated experience in biosensor and assay development

  • Extensive network of IVD, life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical companies

  • Unrivalled triple expertise in physics, chemistry, and biology for bioanalysis

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Immobilize your ligands, not your research.

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One chemistry:

K-One® is Kimialys' proprietary technology platform: a unique surface chemistry, enabling the covalent and optimal immobilisation of any type of ligand (antibody, nanobody, peptide, protein, DNA, RNA, aptamer...) to any type of gold surface (nanoparticles, chips, electrodes…), finding applications across a wide range of biosensors: Lateral Flow Assays, Surface Plasmon Resonance, immuno-PCR, electrochemical assays, and more.

K-One® provides perfect control over the exposure, orientation, density and distribution of the ligands, maximizing binding site accessibility for the target analytes, while reducing non-specific interactions and background noise on the surface.

Our surface treatment is the most effective treatment to date as it offers unrivalled benefits to your assay, increasing sensitivity, specificity, selectivity, reproducibility and stability, even in the most complex biological matrices such as blood, plasma, cell extract, saliva, urine, milk...

Diagram depicting ligand binding on gold nanoparticle or sensor chip surfaces. Figure 1 illustrates the scenario before K-One® application, with less structured binding, and Figure 2 shows the improved, organized binding post K-One® application.

Figure 1 - Ligands bind spontaneously and in a random fashion to the surface of gold nanoparticles or chips, resulting in less than 20-30% of the ligands being functional.
Figure 2 - By coating the gold surface with K-One® chemistry, we control the ligands’ exposure, orientation, density, and distribution, resulting in more than 90% of the ligands being functional, while the surface is fully protected from undesired interactions.

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Immunogenicity testing
ADA project

Molecular diagnostics pictogram

Molecular diagnostics
LAMP-LFA project

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Analytics for cell therapy production
SEQRET project

Thousands of innovations...

Alongside our activity as a biosensing solution and service provider, our research team is working on highly-innovative R&D projects.

Leveraging our K-One® technology, we are enabling novel applications that were previously out of reach due to technological limitations. We are currently leading three ambitious innovative projects alongside top-notch partners.

Stay informed of our latest activities:

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