Revolutionizing Biodetection.

Disruptive surface chemistry for biosensors,

opening up a new frontier in the development of rapid diagnostic assays and pushing innovation still further.


Our technology

The facts 



Current biosensing solutions are limited in sensitivity and specificity. This lack of reliability is mainly due to the surface chemistry used at the interface between the sensor and the biological sample.

Built on 10 years of academic research, our patented surface chemistry removes background noise by protecting the surface against non-specific interactions, and improves sensitivity by optimizing the ligand density, repartition and orientation towards the target biomolecules.

Our versatile technology can be applied on gold nanoparticles for lateral flow assay development, as well as on gold biochips for efficient in vitro analysis.


Products & Services   

A paradigm shift in bio-functionalization

Based on a unique and high-quality surface chemistry, Kimialys' product and service offering is tailored to fullfilling the needs and enhancing the work of all demanding biosensor users involved in healthcare: lateral flow developers, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, CROs and academic research teams.

Our products

  • Functionalized gold nanoparticles (surface ready for bio-conjugation)

  • Bio-conjugation kits for gold nanoparticles

  • Functionalized gold biochips (surface ready for bio-conjugation)

  • Bio-conjugation kits for gold biochips

Our services

  • Custom surface chemistry for your applications (lateral flow assay, SPR)

  • Biomolecular interaction analysis for your specific measurements (biomolecule screening, binding affinity, etc.)



Suppression of non-specific bindings, solving the most recurring issue

in the industry 


A unique combination

of key features


Optimal density, distribution and orientation of any type of ligand, leading up to a 10x increase in sensitivity  


Fine-tuned control of the ligand,

reducing its consumption

by at least a factor of 2


Saliva, serum, urine and any other crude sample, with no compromise on specificity and sensitivity 


Adapted to your SPR instrument and to any size of gold nanoparticles, with no need to change your habits  



How we fit your needs

Lateral Flow Assay

Whether you are looking to get rid of non specific bindings, reach new levels of sensitivity, or reduce your cost of production, Kimialys is a one-stop shop for all lateral flow developers.


Initially developed for gold nanoparticles, our surface chemistry is a game changer for the lateral flow industry.    

Surface Plasmon Resonance

SPR applications for molecular interaction analysis are still limited today due to non-specific interactions occurring at the surface of gold biochips.

Kimialys removes background noise, enabling the user to work at the limit of detection of the instrument itself.  SPR at its full potential.

Our story

Kimialys is the result of 10 years of academic research on surface chemistry for biosensing, identified as the Achilles Heel of biosensors, as responsible for poor specificity and sensitivity. Pioneered by the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology (ENS Paris-Saclay/CNRS), our technology was further improved at the SATT Paris-Saclay technology transfer office. 

Today, Kimialys is working hard on integrating this technological brick in high-impact healthcare applications, developing several rapid diagnostic tests , while enabling SPR analysis of unprecedented quality. 

Our mission

We built our company to support the development of cutting-edge biosensing products that could not exist but for our work, and that will have a major impact for people's health.

We focus our current efforts on Diagnostic Tests, helping our customers bring reliable, rapid, cost-effective diagnostic tests.

Our team


Cyril Gilbert

Director General

Cyril Gilbert spent the past 3 years as a tech investor at Jolt Capital, leading more than 500 interviews with management teams, taking part in 5 transactions amounting to nearly 60m€ invested in European deep tech companies. Cyril holds a double degree in engineering (Institut d'Optique) and management  (HEC Paris).

Claude Nogues

Scientific Director

Dr. Claude Nogues has been working on the development of Kimialys' patented technology for the past 10 years, as a CNRS researcher at the ENS Paris-Saclay. She is expert in physical-chemistry, biophysics as well as surface and colloid chemistry, and the author of 35+ peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Stéphanie Vial

Senior Researcher

Dr. Stéphanie Vial has been involved in the development of Kimialys' innovation as of 2017. She is expert in the synthesis and bio-conjugation of nanoparticles, specifically for diagnostic and drug delivery applications, and the author of 18 peer-reviewed scientific papers. She held a post-doctoral position at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


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