Kimialys wins best scientific poster award at ALFC2024

Kimialys wins best scientific poster award at ALFC2024


By Cyril Gilbert

1 min read

Kimialys is thrilled to announce its selection by DCN Dx for the best poster award (tie with Atomo Diagnostics) at The Advanced Lateral Flow Conference (ALFC) 2024, which took place in San Diego on February 13-14. A special congratulations to Nicolas Heureux for his exceptional presentation!

Accelerating antibody pair selection for rapid Lateral Flow Assay development through SPRi

In this poster, we explain how we leverage our equipment and expertise in Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging (SPRi) to streamline the selection process for antibody pairs to be used in sandwich Lateral Flow Assays (LFAs)* faster and with greater precision than traditional methods (ELISA + LFA).

*Our SPRi-based selection method also works for competitive assays as well as for ligands other than antibodies.

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